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Triple-A’s Switch To MLB Baseballs Will Likely Boost Scoring In 2019

I was aware that the Cal-League uses its own balls, but really, I can see that they should be standard across the entirety of Professional Baseball…


Pitchers beware? Beginning next year, both Triple-A leagues will use baseballs made to the same specifications as Major League Baseball’s balls.

Source: Triple-A’s Switch To MLB Baseballs Will Likely Boost Scoring In 2019


Pitch Clocks?

From the “Let’s Provide a Fix For a Problem that Doesn’t Actually Exist File,” Baseball has announced that “Pitch Clocks” WILL BE USED AT AAA AND AA THIS SEASON. The theory here is that the pace of the game will “speed up,” which has been deemed a problem, particularly when the Yankees battle the Red Sox. So here we go again, tampering with the very fabric of the game – again.

When I was a kid, there was no such thing as a “Designated Hitter.” That came about in the American League and while it changed some of the managing of a game, it didn’t hurt things all that bad. Then came ubiquitous artificial turf, which, as far as I am concerned can go burn in hell. This did change the game, badly as far as I am concerned, because not only did it allow gap doubles to become inside the park home runs, it led to the worst baseball abomination of all time – Domed Stadiums.

58521a_lgLook, I lived near Seattle in the early 1980’s, the first time I had ever been close enough to a Major League City to go to a game pretty much when I wanted to go. The Mariners were bad. No, bad doesn’t do it justice. The Mariners were atrocious. When the 1983 team lost it’s 100th game, Wayne Cody celebrated on the air with a bottle of very cheap champagne. I went to at least twenty games that year, including “Fan Appreciation Night” against the Division Winning White Sox. The fans were booing the cheap prizes the team gave out to “thank” them for actually showing up to watch this team of not-so-loveable losers. With Steinbrenner wannabe George Argyros at the helm of the team, it seemed like there was no hope whatsoever for the future and baseball in Seattle was doomed to double-knit uniforms with still a better logo than they have today on the hat. Read the rest of this entry

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