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Ports Pitcher Incites Canada-Mexico Brawl

The biggest Ports news of the day is from the World Baseball Classic 2013 where 2012 Port Arnold Leon is one of the leading figures in the Canada-Mexico brawl that marred the 9th Inning of last nights game. With Canada leading 10-3, Leon plunked Rene Tosoni AFTER being warned by the Umpire not to do it. Benches emptied and a kerfuffle ensued with six players ejected before order was restored.

I am not a big fan of the intentionally hit batter, I get that there are times that it has to happen, but the special rules for the WBC13 seem extra designed to make sure that this sort of thing happens. I’m not excusing Leon’s actions, but in the “real world” of baseball the Canadians wouldn’t have done what they did with a six run lead in the 9th. If the WBC wants to be real baseball, then real baseball rules should be in place…

Max Stassi, last years Ports catcher, took note:

Stassi Tweet

Meanwhile Arnold himself took to twitter to comment on the issue in a non-specific way:

 Arnold Leon Tweet

(Mexico Thanks for your support! Baseball anywhere in the world is the same! Respect the foe we must have no matter the score!)*

*Translation courtesy of Google, so it’s probably lost a little something in the translation. But you get the idea.

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