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After All of These Years…

Last season I got to meet one of my biggest baseball heroes, Steve Garvey. At the time, I had the opportunity to tell him my own story of the 1981 World Series, of which to this day, I have never seen a single pitch, and how it inspired and strengthened me to get through a tough time.

He was very gracious to listen to me, and gave me my mantra that night, “Isn’t Baseball Great…

Anyway, the point is that I have never seen a single pitch of the most personally influential World Series ever, the 1981 Dodger win in six games over the Yankees. I was in Basic Training at the time, and while I had been lucky enough to listen to the Rick Monday home run to beat Les Expos on the radio, I neither heard nor saw as much as a single pitch of the World Series.

Last night, I was scrolling through the options on my 2013 subscription – and by the way, if you are a Baseball fan and don’t have this, you are missing out on the best thing ever – and what did I find?

Game Six of the 1981 World Series.

Oddly enough, I did not watch it last night. I want to savor this, to enjoy it at my leisure.  Then again, I am not altogether certain that I want to watch it either. In my minds eye, I already lived this game through box scores, Statis-Pro Baseball games and dreams. There’s something special to me about it that way.

But after all these years… Nothing will change in history if I do watch it, but what about my delicious memories? What if it isn’t how I imagined it? 

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