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AJ Gets a Contract From the Dodgers

It’s no secret that my favorite Major League player – at least until Max Stassi gets promoted again – is A.J. Ellis of the Los Angeles Dodgers. So much so that I almost always carry him on my fantasy team (I only have one team) even though he isn’t exactly a points bonanza. Every time he does manage to do something I celebrate it and rationalize that I made the right move to start him over Buster Posey on that day. Seriously, I do that.

On a more realistic note, Ellis is a great catcher even if he isn’t an offensive juggernaut. when he is going good, he gets on base, and he draws walks like a man pushing the button at a crosswalk every ten seconds. A.J. Ellis simply walks into Mordor.

AJ Ellis TweetSo I was very glad to see him get a new contract from the Dodgers. I certainly would love to see him have a great season, one where he doesn’t celebrate a no-hitter by jumping up and and landing on a carelessly discarded catchers mask screwing up his ankle. Naturally baseball is a business, and Ellis is going to have to step up the offense in order to stay in the lineup and move into the future with the Dodgers.

But in case things don’t work out for AJ Ellis in the long term, I would point out to the Dodgers that Max Stassi is still out there! Seeing Max in a Dodger uniform would be great to me!


What Really Happened to Ben Chapman, the Racist Baseball Player in 42? – Allen Barra – The Atlantic

What Really Happened to Ben Chapman, the Racist Baseball Player in 42? – Allen Barra – The Atlantic.

Just read it…

After All of These Years…

Last season I got to meet one of my biggest baseball heroes, Steve Garvey. At the time, I had the opportunity to tell him my own story of the 1981 World Series, of which to this day, I have never seen a single pitch, and how it inspired and strengthened me to get through a tough time.

He was very gracious to listen to me, and gave me my mantra that night, “Isn’t Baseball Great…

Anyway, the point is that I have never seen a single pitch of the most personally influential World Series ever, the 1981 Dodger win in six games over the Yankees. I was in Basic Training at the time, and while I had been lucky enough to listen to the Rick Monday home run to beat Les Expos on the radio, I neither heard nor saw as much as a single pitch of the World Series.

Last night, I was scrolling through the options on my 2013 subscription – and by the way, if you are a Baseball fan and don’t have this, you are missing out on the best thing ever – and what did I find?

Game Six of the 1981 World Series.

Oddly enough, I did not watch it last night. I want to savor this, to enjoy it at my leisure.  Then again, I am not altogether certain that I want to watch it either. In my minds eye, I already lived this game through box scores, Statis-Pro Baseball games and dreams. There’s something special to me about it that way.

But after all these years… Nothing will change in history if I do watch it, but what about my delicious memories? What if it isn’t how I imagined it? 

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