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Hart Ransom

Dear Commissioner Manfred,

I read you letter promising to reach out to Little Leagues around the Country, and I applaud you for that effort. I, like you, believe that getting young people interested in and playing Baseball is vital to the future of the game.

5590802I would like to bring to your attention a local Central Valley California Little League that could use some help. The Hart Ransom Baseball Club had their storage unit broken into last month, and they have pretty much lost everything. The Hart Ransom Baseball Club has some twenty-eight teams and provides baseball for 300 kids in the area.

This, in my opinion as a local journalist, would be a great opportunity for Major League baseball and your new “One Baseball” program to reach out and help a youth league that desperately needs some help.

Thanks for the consideration and your interest in the future of baseball and the kids of Hart Ransom Baseball Club!

Kindest regards from a Dodger Fan,


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