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The Red Baron Attacks

Manfred von Kommissarin

Manfred von Kommissarin

We’re less than a week into the new Commissioner’s Imperial reign over the Kingdom of Baseball, and already he is being eviscerated by at least one blogger for being a “Moron,” and not, oddly enough, for being named “Manfred,” which brings up visions of the Red Baron screeching in to strafe the game to bits with Prussian efficiency while laughing maniacally and petting his gigantic dog.

I read his letter, and I didn’t quite get the same look at things, but I can see where the Halo’s Heaven guy doesn’t like the pitch clock, I don’t either. And yes, the focus of the Commissioner should be to enforce the rules already on the books. I appreciate his commitment to reach out to young folks and revitalize the game through young people. But this whole “short attention span” thing does raise concerns.

Baseball requires patience. A game can be long, a season even longer. But anything worth having is worth the waiting.

I get that hating the Commissioner is good sport and with the exception of A. Bartlett Giamatti pretty much de rigueur for us baseball fans. I am certainly one to join in the mockery given the new guys Teutonic overtones and blood. But lets wait until he actually does something other than write a letter. He obviously plans to invade the Game and enforce his fascist form of clock management and has clearly offended the Angels blogger. On the other hand, he DID inflict pitch clocks on AAA and AA, which is enough justification to go ahead and start hating him now, since I don’t trust the Germans.

And neither should you.

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