602537_4284646124504_1558384393_nSeason of the Pitch is an “Un-Official” Blog about my love for two Minor League Baseball Teams – The Stockton Ports, who I follow religiously and with a passion, and the Tacoma Rainers, my wife’s ancestral hometown and where I was stationed for many years, the AAA affiliate of my #2 Favorite MLB Team, the Seattle Mariners (#1 is the LA Dodgers).

I also casually follow the Oklahoma City Dodgers, the Norfolk Tides (I was stationed in Virginia Beach for 5 years), and the Ogden Raptors (I grew up in Ogden).

These are, for the most part, my observations and opinions. Baseball is the greatest game ever, and everybody has a different idea or opinion about what is or what should happen. I make no claim to be absolutely right about a given issue or question, I just have my opinion, and this is where I share it.

I started passionately following baseball in 1980, as the Dodgers chased down the Astros and forced a one game playoff. On that day, I had oral surgery, as a 90 degrees impacted left cuspid had to be removed. I am always a nervous wreck in the dentists office, and they offered me a set of 1980’s era headphones and asked me what kind of music I wanted to hear. I asked for the game, and for the only time in my life, the dentist pain was less than the pain the pain of losing an important baseball game.

So this is my Baseball Emporium, where, revolving around the Ports and Rainiers, I will share my love of the game.

I hope that you will enjoy it and share your love of it with me.

Sharing the love of a Stockton Ports baseball game with my son, Benjamin

Sharing a Stockton Ports game with my son, Benjamin



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