So Long, Baby Cakes: Rainiers Play Final Game At New Orleans Tonight

The very first baseball game I ever attended was the Denver Bears/Zephyrs/New Orleans Zephyrs/Babycakes.

Sad day…

Booth, Justice and the American Pastime

The Tacoma Rainiers play their final game at New Orleans tonight, as the Zephyrs/Baby Cakes 27-year run in Triple-A comes to an end.

The New Orleans franchise is moving to Wichita, Kansas at the completion of this season. A new ballpark is under construction there – in fact, they just had the ‘topping out’ ceremony – and the PCL has approved the move. The Wichita TBAs (they will have a new name) will make their first visit to Tacoma in August, 2020.

A few of the current New Orleans front office staffers are going to move with the team to Wichita, but others are going to leave baseball and find new work in town. The Cakes staff is down to a skeleton crew at the moment, just finishing out the final season.

The Baby Cakes nickname will be one of the more short-lived team names in recent PCL history. They…

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