Trust Cabrera’s heart and mind, but not his body

Out of Bounds

Published Jan. 26, 2019

He is, in many ways, the Tigers’ last man standing. Ironically, Miguel Cabrera hasn’t been able to remain upright in recent years.

It’s the perils of being an aging, big man.

It befell Willie Horton, beloved by Tigers fans but another hulking figure whose body often betrayed him. Willie was always pulling or tearing something, and it seemed to always interrupt a good year that no. 23 was having.

Cabrera is the Tigers’ lone star. The lack of a trade market for Nick Castellanos is further proof of that. Nick is a nice player, but he’s not a true star. Not yet.

Sound in mind, but not in body

Once again, Cabrera said all the right, positive, optimistic things as the Tigers’ annual winter caravan got rolling this week. He talked of how healthy he feels, after another season—for the third time in the last four years—got derailed due…

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