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Trust Cabrera’s heart and mind, but not his body

Out of Bounds

Published Jan. 26, 2019

He is, in many ways, the Tigers’ last man standing. Ironically, Miguel Cabrera hasn’t been able to remain upright in recent years.

It’s the perils of being an aging, big man.

It befell Willie Horton, beloved by Tigers fans but another hulking figure whose body often betrayed him. Willie was always pulling or tearing something, and it seemed to always interrupt a good year that no. 23 was having.

Cabrera is the Tigers’ lone star. The lack of a trade market for Nick Castellanos is further proof of that. Nick is a nice player, but he’s not a true star. Not yet.

Sound in mind, but not in body

Once again, Cabrera said all the right, positive, optimistic things as the Tigers’ annual winter caravan got rolling this week. He talked of how healthy he feels, after another season—for the third time in the last four years—got derailed due…

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In Praise Of “Peculiarly Hypnotic Tedium”

The Baseball Bloggess

Good news, baseball fans!

All your griping about long and slow baseball games has paid off.

Games are shorter!

Last year thelength of the average baseball game dropped – dropped! – to 3 hours and 4 minutes. That’s a savings of 4 minutes per game over 2017.

I hate math, but check out this wizardry …

With a 162-game season, there were 2,430 regular season games scheduled in 2018. At 4 minutes saved per game, that comes out to 9,720 free minutes or – and this is going to blow your mind – 162 hours saved!

Pulitizer-winning novelist Philip Roth once called baseball’s pace “peculiarly hypnotic tedium” and, just to be clear, he meant that in a good way.

I’m sure you put your 4-minute-per-game savings to good use last season.

Maybe you used your free minutes to watch Bongo Cat play Africa

The average American shower takes…

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Dodgers trade for catcher Russell Martin | Los Angeles Dodgers


LOS ANGELES — After being reacquired by the Dodgers on Friday, Russell Martin told the president of baseball operations, Andrew Friedman, that he wanted to win a championship so badly he’d do anything and play any position. “I’m super excited to be back where it all started for me, and I always felt there was some unfinished business when I left, so I’m glad for this opportunity,” Martin said.

Source: Dodgers trade for catcher Russell Martin | Los Angeles Dodgers

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