Season’s Greetings From [Insert Team Name Here]: 2018 Edition

The Baseball Bloggess

Many of you will be surrounded this week by family and friends, celebrating the holidays.

I’ve got Editor/Husband here and three cats. The sun is out. It’s pretty low key with the Baseball Bloggess.

I’ve got time on my hands. (And, I haven’t had my breakfast.)

So, as my gift to you, I have binge-watched all 30 Season’s Greeting videos from all 30 major league baseball teams.

I watched them all.  For you.  So you don’t have to.

(And, I’ve got links to every single one.)


Spoiler Alert: The Dodgers may have lost the World Series, but they definitely won the Holidays.

When In Doubt, Have Your Mascot Do It

T.C. from theMinnesota Twinsdoes some last-minute decorating in what was probably a last-minute “oh my god, I thought you were going to do the video this year” melt down from someone’s cubicle on Friday at 5. But…

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  1. Awww … thanks for sharing my post. Happy holidays!

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