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Werth Gets First Hit But Rainiers Fall In Fresno

Booth, Justice and the American Pastime

Jayson Werth pulled a hard ground ball double down the third base line in the second inning on Thursday night, collecting his first Tacoma hit while starting a two-run rally for the Rainiers, but ultimately Tacoma lost 4-3.

Werth’s double was one of seven hits for Tacoma in the game. The Rainiers had trouble getting baserunners before there were two outs in an inning, and couldn’t string together enough two-out hits to really generate a rally.

Fresno has won the first two games of this five-game series, knocking the Rainiers won-loss record back to .500 at 10-10.

Tacoma has lost four of the five games played against Fresno this year, which appears to be a continuation from last season when the Rainiers went 4-12 against the Grizzlies. Oddly, Tacoma beat Fresno 13-0 in the first meeting this season, and then lost the next four against them.



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Open the window and let the stale, boring air of Tigers broadcasts out

Out of Bounds

Published April 28, 2018

Baseball by its nature is a slow, lazy, languid game. There’s no clock—well, most of the time—and as someone once said, you can’t go into a stall and drain the time away. There’s no taking a knee. The 27th out must be gotten, no matter what, in order to ensure victory. You can’t ignore it, hoping it will go away.

Because of the game’s pace, it’s been a perfect fit for broadcasting, particularly on radio. Who doesn’t remember Saturday afternoons as a kid, with dad messing around in the garage or doing some lawn work, while the Georgian lilt of Ernie Harwell or the “voice of God,” Paul Carey, provided the background sounds from the transistor radio?

TV isn’t quite as romantic for baseball broadcasts but the pace of the game is the same so there ought to be the same amount of effort put forth…

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New-Look Rainiers Open Series At Fresno Tonight

Booth, Justice and the American Pastime

We’re back in action tonight after the first day off of the 2018 season on Tuesday. The boys got a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest to explore the area.

Then we all woke up before dawn today to catch the 4:45 AM bus from Cheney Stadium, rode up to the airport, flew to Fresno, took another bus to the hotel, waited around in the lobby for the rooms to be ready (it didn’t take too long), snuck in a brief nap, and now it’s time to walk to the ballpark.

A lot of Rainiers news happened on the off day. Fortunately, being the PCL veteran that I am, I spent a few hours working on the off day because I knew today would be a tough travel day. Did you know Jayson Werth originally signed as a catcher? Nope, me niether.

We’ve exchanged some players, picking up a World…

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